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New trends of workspaces | Flexible office solution for startups

In recent years, the global economy and social have changed rapidly and the world of work today has massively transformed. For millennial, work is a thing, not a place. More young people demand for work life balance and job satisfaction. Social change in attitudes towards work, combined with the freedom that comes with technology, is confronting traditional work model. Startups, self employed person, freelancer, digital nomads and “slashers” become popular. Modern approach of workspace strategies like co working space, shared office, service office and virtual office solution have set off a boom. Hong Kong has quickly caught on to the trend, leaving us with plenty of choices in this field.

What is co working space?

Co working is a business services provision model that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in shared office space. Co working spaces is beautifully open plan designed workspace with hot desks and dedicated workstations, fully equipped and pre-cabled. No set-up required, utilities and equipment are provided. You Just show up and get to work. Co-working gives you the benefit of a full-time office, but you only pay for the number of desks you use. From daily drop-ins to monthly and yearly membership, there is a wide range of leasing choices available depending on your needs. In co working space, you will be surrounded by a community of like-minded professionals, this setup is better suited to freelancers and lean start-ups, especially those with a strong collaborative culture.

What is service office?

Working out of a co-working space is an incredible experience, you’ll be surrounded by dozens of people and meet a constant flow of new contacts. If individuals or businesses need total privacy or have strict confidentiality terms, co working space will not be ideal. In such case, service office will be the best alternative, because it is a premium turnkey office solution with more privacy. Service office is a private working space with a choice of various styles and sizes to suit your business needs. Similar to co working space, serviced office is fully furnished with premium amenities. The host will offer the space fully equipped with everything the incoming business might need like furniture, phone lines, WIFI, and printers etc. This new workspace solution allows for the flexibility of a short-term agreement rather than the typical multi-year lease. It can offer a simple, flexible and cost-effective package for the tenant. Businesses can get to use an awesome office in a low cost, without the commitment or concern of their own long-term lease.

CFG business center is your ideal working partner

CFG is a well established office space provider with expertise in flexible workspace solutions, providing working spaces in various sizes and styles that maximize functionality, and offering unparalleled business service. CFG business centers are located in prime buildings of the most prestigious central business districts with convenient transportation. The surrounding facilities are perfect, you can enjoy a wonderful life after busy work. The new serviced offices and shared office areas in CFG embody the highest standards and are exquisitely designed to encourage productivity, perfect for small to medium enterprises and early stage companies for 1-10 people. Users can find spacious private offices, modern meeting rooms and relaxing communal areas featuring advanced infrastructure and unrivalled service there. CFG offers a dynamic set of flexible solutions tailored to address both individual and corporate needs. Service office pricing starts at HK$6980/month and virtual office starts at HK$85 per month. Enjoy the elevated work experience and first-class business services in CFG, make an appointment now: +852 2919 6801.